About the director & founder of Lena Maye
Lena Maye is named after my maternal grandmother who passed on her knowledge of using natural ingredients for hair and skin care.

I’ve always been passionate about using natural ingredients on my hair and skin and for many years, friends, family and even strangers questioned me about my regime. It essentially all began in 2010 when I started making hair butters, herbal hair tonics and deep conditioners from natural ingredients in my kitchen for my family. I then started giving my homemade products out to my extended family and close friends to use and received positive feedback.
Coretta Scott
I’ve encountered numerous people over time who had hair care issues, and this concerned me. I’ve always wanted to help people solve the hair issues and problems they were facing, and with the knowledge that I had gained I was able to.

All of this led me to the decision to create and formulate a hair care product range in conjunction with an experienced Chemist. After nearly two years of research, developing and testing, Lena Maye products were created. So, if you are looking for solutions to hair dryness, breakage, growth and styling, then you’ve arrived at the right place. Lena Maye Hair Care products were formulated for kinky, curly, wavy natural hair types, based on natural, gentle and beneficial ingredients with subtle natural scents.

The product formulas contain ingredients that I have successfully used in my hair care journey for many years and are designed to provide solutions to the problems that many people face with their hair.
My intention is to encourage people to love themselves naturally by assisting with helping to make their hair care regimes healthy, simple and easy with our step-by-step product systems, whilst providing general guidance on effective procedures and practices. Providing assistance for people on their hair care journeys is important to me, it enables others to gain success in managing and growing healthy hair, and at the same time avoid mistakes that can hinder.

I genuinely care about helping and guiding others and I also want to promote the importance and benefits of using natural, gentle and beneficial ingredients within hair care regimes.

I am a natural, kinky, curly haired women who has created the Lena Maye brand to help others gain the success that their hair deserves, whilst embracing and celebrating their uniqueness.
““I want to share these products with you, which have proven to be beneficial to my whole family’s hair regime. I hope that you will also benefit from using Lena Maye products in your regime and your journey towards gaining and maintaining healthy hair…Naturally does it!”
Coretta Lena Scott

Director and Founder of Lena Maye - Family owned and run business
Special thanks
I would like to give special thanks to all my family members and friends who have assisted with the forming and launching of Lena Maye in some way or another.

My dearest loving mother Beverley Scott, who has been the inspiration for all that I do. My beautiful daughter Naomi Scott who listens, learns and teaches all the time, she has also has been the wonderful artist behind the character drawings and other infographics for Lena Maye.  My brothers, Martin and Glen Scott, who have always supported me, their little sister. Glen the super talented musician, who wrote, produced and performed a duet with me namely, the Lena Maye promotional song “Naturally does it!”To all my uncles, aunts and cousins, who have provided me with support and information.

My friends, who helped by modelling for the photo shoots, assisting with testing and sampling products before releasing. Other special friends who have been the much needed support, especially my
“Go to ladies”– Natasha and Michelle.  

My new friends and associates, most who I have met along the journey of forming Lena Maye; Photographers, Graphic Designer, Chemist, Accountants, Solicitors and other key partners. A2Dominion for the extensive support I received through their Enterprise Programme which included, seed funding and mentoring. My lovely mentor Georgina, whose wisdom and positivity has proven to be invaluable, transforming me from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Lastly, to my special partner David for all the support, guidance, love and patience he has provided…This has been made possible because of you all…

Thank you